Create your own shade in 60 seconds!

Create your own shade in 60 seconds!

February 18, 2019


What if we tell you that you can now create your unique shade in just 60 seconds? Well continue reading and hold on to your chair because we’re about to blow you away!

What is this ?

The Lip Topper is a holographic lip topper + long-wear lip stain. The magic behind this product is that it is enhanced with the Mood Pigment Technology that helps you create that unique shade that no one has.

So is this a Lip Gloss?

Gurl…. this shouldn’t be mistaken as a lip gloss. Although it has a close consistency to a gloss and has a pearlescent sheen, it doesn’t have a high-shine, vinyl look. That’s old school darlings….. Instead, we formulated it to be modern and chic so it’s wearable for everyone. It will definitely give your lips a subtle dimension and most importantly, beautify it.

How does it turn into my own shade?

Well, the Lip Topper is enhanced with the Mood Pigment Technology so when you apply it on your lips, it will react to the unique chemistry of your lips. This simply means that it is influenced by the temperature and pH of your lips. So if you plan to share the Lip Topper with your BFF, which we won’t……. the shade will not be similar. By the way, it won’t turn black if you’re in a bad mood…. It will transform into a wildly flattering rosy flush that’s long-lasting, even after a meal.


Who will love this product?

Everyone! Seriously…. We’re not kidding. The Lip Topper will flatter even the darkest lip giving it life and a gorgeous flush… but if you insist, here’s some of the best candidates that will LOVE this product :

  1. Naturally dark & dull lips.
  2. People with very deep lines and crease on the lips due to dry lips
  3. Thin Lips
  4. Those that love the “No Makeup, Makeup Look” but don’t wanna look like a pale zombie
  5. Those with dull complexion
  6. Those that want their own shade….. because they know they deserve it :p

How can I use it?


Bare Lips.

You can use it directly on bare lips. You really don’t need to apply a lot. Start off with a sheer single coat and let the magic happen in 60 seconds. Even after eating and the holographic particles have fade, it will leave a healthy natural stain on your lips.

Glamorous Goddess.

You can use it on top of your favorite Lip Color. It gives that glamorous sheen and catches light creating a fresh appearance. Now, Remember that this has a subtle glossy texture and will transform any matte into a beautiful sheen without the vinyl look.

Makeup Artist Tips.

Darlings, if your lip colour bleeds easily, here are some tips for you :

  1. Always start with a sheer application. Sometimes less is more.
  2. Use a lip liner before filling in the color on your lips before you apply any glossy products. Choose a Lip Liner with a waxy texture to keep the product within the line.

Remember Darlings, use the Lip Topper without fear. After all, you deserve your own customized shade. It’s not too oily, not too greasy and most importantly… it’s nice to see what your own shade looks like.

This product is also a steal. It retails for USD17.00 / MYR69.00 only. Anyway, if you’ve never purchased from our website, click here now and get an exclusive member’s only code! Shhh….. but don’t tell anyone.

Lippie Lolita



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