" FALL" In Love with smooth and supple lips.

October 16, 2018

Is the fall breeze or tropical heat giving you chapped lips? Are you looking for the right lipstick that will keep your lips moisturized and supple? How about a formulation that provides a protective barrier that prevents dry flaky lips from the unforgiving elements? This time of the year, your lips need to stay moisturized and protected from the unpredictable moods of Mother Nature. Time to keep that ultra matte lipstick and opt for a hybrid formulation. Perhaps, the ultra-nourishing Velvet Pout semi-matte formulation?
I bet you're wondering what makes Velvet Pout Lipstick a girl's best friend.  Well, firstly the texture is great! Velvet pout is formulated to provide the lips with moisture while leaving a vivid pigment on the lips. The semi-matte lippies are infused with natural oils and antioxidants to nourish and moisturize the lips. On top of that, a generous amount of Shea Butter is added in to keep your lips luscious and gorgeous. That is not all! The packaging is also great. This bullet lipstick is designed to help you identify which colour or shade each one is just by looking at the bottom of the tube. Last but not least, when it eventually starts to fade, it does so evenly without leaving your lips with uneven patches.
Semi-matte velvet pout lipsticks come in 10 trending shades. Click here to view all the shades.
Here are some FALL inspired shades.
This colour is just great for the fall. It's a combination of muted deep red, mauve with an earthy undertone. Not only is it a showstopper but it also brings out your inner fall boldness. This time of the year is all about colours that pop so this is definitely a must-have! This shade doesn't limit you. You can rock it from casual to an elegant evening outing. Believe me when I say, regardless of where you choose to rock your Bohemian Soul, all eyes will be on you!
Enchantress #04 Velvet Pout Semi-matte Lipstick

Enchantress #04.

This is THE FALL SHADE that every girl should own. A merriment of blood red and deep plum, this shade exudes boldness, mystery and power. Here’s a useful tip from Cosmopolitan to rock that dark lip!
 Joy #08 Velvet Pout Semi-matte Lipstick

Joy #08

We can’t agree more with Harpers Bazaar when one of their recommended shade for FALL is Orange. Don’t be scared of it. Unlike red lip colours, orange shades don’t have saturated blue or red undertones, so it warms and brightens every skin tone. It works well on all skin tone especially medium to dark skin tone. One thing for sure is that our formulation allows you to wear it sheer or superbly saturated! Don’t forget to try it on your cheeks! It doubles off as a cheek colour ;)


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