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Together We Rise - The Limited Edition

The Bunga Raya, our National Flower symbolises courage, grace & beauty. The Red also represents the strength of our nation whilst the 5 petals fit well with the principles of the RUKUN NEGARA. As we face unprecedented times, the Bunga Raya, a celebratory flower reminds us better times will come through the collective spirit of our people. We can overcome any adversity together. No one left behind.
The Limited-Edition Lip Lustre is now relaunched as a dedication and a remembrance to us all as a reminder that we can rise together. Happy Malaysia Day.

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Together We Rise

This Limited-Edition Lip Lustre Lip Treatment is truly a representation of the Malaysian Spirit. This Universal Lip Treatment is not just an Amazing Universal Lip Therapy. It represents a story of hope, goodwill & kindness that embodies the Malaysian Spirit. 
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